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The Padi Open Water Course In London

Diving RogerH COMMENTS 22 Oct, 2019

The PADI Open Water Diver Course in London

Learning to scuba dive with DIVE WIMBLEDON and PADI in London is an incredible adventure! With PADI as your training organization, your path to breathing underwater is accomplished in three exciting phases:

1. Knowledge Development - Learn the lingo.

During the first phase of your PADI Open Water Diver course scuba certification you will develop an understanding of the basic principles of scuba diving. You will learn how pressure affects your body, how to choose the best scuba gear and what to consider when planning dives. If you have completed the home study reading using the manual you will briefly review what you have studied in the five knowledge sections with your instructor and take a short quiz to be sure you understand it.

At the end of the course you will take a longer quiz that makes sure you understand all the key concepts and ideas. You and your DIVE WIMBLEDON Instructor will review anything that you do not quite understand until it's clear.

If you have completed the precourse reading using Elearning you only need to complete a short review quiz before you start diving. With the Elearning option you also receive your final course certification card free of charge. If you are completing the PADI Open Water Referral course with overseas completion this will save you £30-80.

Select the knowledge development option you prefer:

  • Start right now and learn to scuba dive online with DIVE WIMBLEDON via PADI eLearning at your own pace—anytime, anywhere (great for busy schedules)
  • Take advantage of home study using PADI materials (manual, video) direct from DIVE WIMBLEDON.
2. Confined Water Dives - Scuba Skills Training.

This is what it's all about – diving. You will develop basic scuba skills by scuba diving in a 27 degree swimming pool. Here you will learn everything from setting up your scuba gear to easily clearing water from your scuba mask without surfacing. You will also practice some emergency skills, like sharing air or replacing your scuba mask. Plus, you may play some games, make new friends and have a great time. There are five confined water dives with each building upon the previous. Over the course of these five dives you will attain the skills you need to dive in open water.

3. Open Water Dives - Locally or on Holiday.

After your confined water dives you and the new friends you have made continue learning during four open water dives with your DIVE WIMBLEDON PADI Instructor at a local dive site. This is where you fully experience the underwater adventure. You may make these dives around London or at a more exotic destination while on a DIVE WIMBLEDON group holiday or on your own holiday abroad. If you choose to complete the qualifying dives on holiday then the course you are looking to complete in London is the PADI Open Water Referral Course.

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