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Group Scuba Diving Holidays 

If you are interested in one of Dive Wimbledon's 2024 group holidays here are the links:-

Red Sea Liveaboard 13 -20th Sept 2024 

Sharm El Sheikh 4-11th Oct 2024 

Marsa Alam 10-17th Nov 2024

Scuba Diving Holiday Inspiration.........

Red Sea, Egypt

The Red Sea is a superb destination with year round sunshine. There are resorts to suit all budgets and levels of diving. The Red Sea boasts some of the world's best Liveaboards, resort day diving and PADI courses.

  • Stay in sundrenched resorts in Sharm El Sheikh, Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Hamata or Dahab!
  • Great value for money from high-end liveaboards to cheerful budget ones
  • Year-round sunshine and warm water
  • Wrecks, reefs and myriad marine life to explore
  • Fab destination for non-divers, families and groups
  • Superb diving and snorkelling
  • FREE Nitrox and dinner wine on all Emperor liveaboards

Malta and Gozo

Just three hours from the UK, Malta, Gozo and nearby Comino offer divers and holiday makers a close-to-home budget friendly holiday destination. 

  • Clear waters, wrecks, and a variety of underwater landscapes make these islands a perfect holiday destination for all levels of diving from beginners to technical divers. 
  • The islands long tourist history also gives travellers from the UK a large choice of holiday activities pre and post dive.  
  • With easily accessible dive sites offering great visibility, caves, overhangs and swim-throughs, with few currents, Malta is an ideal diving holiday location.
  • Malta and Gozo also hosts an impressive collection of ship, plane and submarine wrecks, both historical and artificial, hence it’s long-held reputation as a wreck diving holiday destination.
  • Sister islands Gozo and Comino also offer endless rugged coastlines full of natural beauty and great underwater landscapes.


One of the gems of southeast Europe, Croatia celebrates 30 years of independence in 2021. Stunning natural scenery combines with an incredible history and, with 3,600 miles of beautiful coastline to explore, this is the perfect destination for water lovers of all kinds.

  • Croatia’s coastline comprises over 700 islands, almost 400 islets and over 75 reefs, making the Croatian archipelago the largest in the Adriatic Sea, which is the northernmost arm of the Mediterranean.
  • Turquoise and crystal clear waters attract swimmers and snorkellers.
  • Diving in Croatia has existed since the 1950s and earlier, but it has only come to the attention of travelling divers in recent years. The diving is typically Mediterranean with an interesting underwater topography of hidden caves and coral-adorned walls with overhangs and swim-throughs to explore. Many endemic species can be found amongst the rocks and reef patches. 
  • All kinds of corals including sponges, yellow, and extremely rare, red gorgonians, can be found here amongst the rich flora and fauna of the perfectly clean Adriatic. Grouper, catfish, lobster, moray eels and octopus are commonly seen on dives, whilst macro lovers will find plenty to discover in the numerous tiny cracks and crevices, as well as beautiful Yellow Seahorses. 
  • UK travellers can fly direct to Split, Croatia with easyJet and Croatia Airlines. 


Diving holidays in Lanzarote have become increasingly popular and the island of Lanzarote is earning a growing reputation as one of the most attractive diving locations in Europe. 

  • The volcanic activity that has shaped the surface has also had an enormous impact underwater, creating some incredible dive sites characterised by dramatic rock formations.  
  • Diving off the beach.
  • Competitively-priced flights are frequent and regular, leaving daily from all regional airports in the UK.


Worldwide Destinations........

The Caribbean and Central America


Diving holidays on Bonaire are truly special. Bonaire is a small island in the South Caribbean and at just 21 miles long, it has a welcoming and chilled-out way of life. On Bonaire diving holidays, day or night, you will find many lively bars, numerous restaurants serving tasty menus and a good selection of shops.

  • Over 50 dive sites from Bonaire are accessible from the shore, most at depths of less than 10 metres.
  • Average water temperatures are 26°C all year-round and visibility is typically 30 metres plus.
  • The best way to see these magnificent dive sites is to hire a vehicle so you can drive and dive whenever you want to. Divers often encounter seahorses, the island’s emblem, turtles, jacks, friendly tarpon and, on rare occasions, a frogfish or two.
  • Bonaire’s uncrowded reefs are perfect for photographers and those who like to dive at their own pace. Bonaire really is the home of diving freedom.


Diving holidays in Belize offer diving on virgin reefs by liveaboard or resort along around 200 miles of azure ocean, dotted with gem-like islands emerging from the sea. Back on land, rainforests, jaguars and ancient Mayan wonders lay ready to wow you. No wonder diving holidays in Belize are hugely popular!Located on the eastern coast of Central America, the country was a British colony until 1981. A reasonable latecomer to welcome tourism, Belize only achieved political stability in 1998. Since then, the government has committed to protect its natural resources for future generations to enjoy.

  • With the second longest barrier in the world and three of the northern hemisphere’s four atolls, if you like wall diving, Belize is paradise! Home also to the iconic Blue Hole – a sub-marine sinkhole teeming with marine life.
  • In Belize, all levels of dive experience are catered for thanks to bath-warm seas, relatively mild underwater currents and excellent visibility.
  • The fertile waters attract everything from groupers, barracudas, jacks, sharks (black tip, bull, lemon, nurse and the migratory whale shark), turtles, enormous sponges, gorgonians and brain corals.
  • UK travellers can fly to Belize via the US or Mexico. Several familiar airlines offer the route, so flight departures are available every day from most UK airports.

The spectacularly beautiful island of Dominica is one of the best-kept secrets of the Caribbean.

  • Popularly known as the Nature Island, Dominica – pronounced Dom-in-EEka ­– offers a tantalising combination of lush rainforest, towering peaks, and a choice of glistening waterfall or meandering river for every day of the year.
  • These stunning vistas are matched underwater, Dominica is considered one of the top scuba diving destinations worldwide. 
  • Dominica’s majestic mountains disappear into the blue to form deep ocean trenches.  These are home to marine mammals such as dolphins and over 20 species of whale, including the Sperm Whales for which the island is most famous for.
  • Divers will find fascinating topography to explore here: pristine reefs, drop-offs and walls sit alongside pinnacles, caves and swim throughs. Volcanic thermal springs form underwater bubble baths for divers and snorkellers.
  • Twisted rocks and crevices hide tiny gems of life just waiting to be discovered, with everything from seahorses to frogfish to tease your macro lens.


Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula is perfect for divers and non-divers alike. Explore the largest natural barrier reef in the northern hemisphere with its beautiful colourful coral gardens and amazing variety of marine life. Descend the deep walls of the Cozumel Marine Park and enjoy wreck, night, turtle and technical diving. Mexico diving holidays allow you to experience the clear and mystical waters of an ancient Mayan cenote and encounter big fish like bull sharks, sailfish and whale sharks.

Travel to the Riviera Maya has never been easier. Several airlines from the UK either fly directly to Cancun or with one stop.

  • UNESCO World Heritage Site and sacred Maya city of Chichen Itza
  • Perfect white sand beaches with warm tropical waters
  • Seasonal Bull shark & whale shark dives
  • World’s second largest barrier reef

Galapagos Islands

Diving holidays in the Galapagos are for the adventurous. The Galapagos Islands are remote and iconic and are usually dived via liveaboards. Charles Darwin knew this area well, with the islands named after the giant tortoises that are so strongly connected with this region. Experiencing and diving the Galapagos is quite simply a life’s dream come true. It’s a feeling of being somewhere that has literally shaped the path of mankind.

To get to the Galapagos you must fly to Ecuador; we recommend flying into Guayaquil. Flights are via Europe with KLM or Iberia Airlines, or the USA via Miami. Flight time is approximately 16 hours from London.

It is recommended that you spend one night either side of your liveaboard in Ecuador. A two hour domestic flight takes you to the Galapagos Islands to board your boat. 

  • Dive the iconic Darwin and Wolf
  • Unique gathering of marine life, birds and the famous giant tortoises
  • Dive all year round; with June - October prime time for whale sharks
  • Schools of hammerheads, rays, whale sharks and mola molas


Indonesia diving holidays offer a truly memorable experience. Indonesia sits in the heart of the Coral Triangle, the epicentre of marine biodiversity on the planet. The country boasts over 17,000 islands and offers almost as many different cultures and memorable experiences with outstanding diving in many locations. Sun-kissed shorelines, beautiful villas, fine diving (and dining), spa relaxation and stunning views ensure your Indonesia diving holiday provides life long memories.

  • World-beating biodiversity
  • Great choice for all budgets and experience levels
  • Stunningly beautiful reefs and unrivalled muck diving
  • Encounter a large variety of Sharks & Rays


The Maldives is an archipelago comprising of 1,200 islands, of which about 200 of these are inhabited. With 26 atolls, coral reefs and coral islands in the archipelago, this is a magical remote destination in the Arabian Sea which is renowned for its world-class diving. The Maldives have a tropical climate, and water temperatures range from 27-30 celsius year-round, making the diving great at nearly any time of year.

  • The best time to visit the Maldives and for a scuba trip are between the months of January and April, when the weather is dry and warm and visibility is best. 
  • The Maldives is host to a variety of diverse dive environments, including reef dives, drift dives and wrecks that provide opportunities for divers at any skill level.
  • Diving in and around the atolls you'll find rock pinnacles called thila, as well as underwater structures such as caverns, overhangs and swim-throughs.
  • Wreck diving in the Maldives is exciting with each sunken structure supporting an abundance of beautiful artificial reefs.


Diving holidays in Thailand combine some of the world’s most beautiful beaches with a wide range of breathtaking diving opportunities. The Andaman Sea off the west coast of Thailand is one of the most naturally beautiful seas anywhere, with majestic cliffs forming a backdrop to aquamarine waters. The diving in the Andaman Sea is some of the finest in South East Asia and the country offers many compelling reasons to visit.

Thailand enjoys a deserved reputation as one of the most beautiful and welcoming countries in South East Asia. The traditional lifestyles of much of the population and a rich cultural heritage offer a complete contrast to the rapid development of the country into a modern sophisticated destination.

The Similan Islands lay claim to some of the finest dive sites in Thailand. Accessed by liveaboard, the thriving reefs with abundant hard and soft corals highlight the dramatic terrain. The islands’ east and west coasts provide contrasting styles of diving within a relatively small area. The East coast is marked by fine coral reefs, whilst the west coast offers dramatic drift diving through granite outcrops.

North of the Similan Islands the dive sites of Ko Bon, Ko Tachai and Richelieu Rock enjoy a deserved reputation for their large pelagic sightings. For resort-based stays, day boats operate year-round to dive sites southeast of Phuket. The dramatically beautiful seas around Ko Phi Phi provide a range of excellent dive sites that mark out Phuket as an excellent base for a resort-based diving holiday. 

Travelling to Thailand can be completely flexible. With daily flights into Phuket, you may wish to simply enjoy a fabulous week’s diving in resort, perhaps consider a liveaboard with a stay either side in Phuket or why not add to the adventure with a stop-over in Bangkok? 

  • Paradise for pelagic lovers; sharks, manta rays and whale sharks
  • Fantastic location for both shore and liveaboard diving
  • Stunning house reefs on most islands
  • Recognised as one of the world’s most spectacular marine ecosystems

Call Jane or Roger, or drop us an email and we will be very happy to discuss your holiday plans, and find you the perfect scuba diving trip!