PADI Deep Diver Specialty Course

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How many of you have been diving abroad and the guide suggests a dive beyond 30 metres? It happens far to often and not only is it dangerous without proper training but it also invalidates your travel and/ or dive insurance which is why the PADI Deep Diver Speciality course is so important.

When you complete the PADI Deep Diver Specialty course with Dive Wimbledon you will be trained safely and well to dive that bit deeper.

  • Personal PADI Deep Diver Speciality manual
  • Knowledge development session
  • 3 or 4 dives depending on how recently you completed the PADI Advanced course or Adventure Diver course.
  • Maximum depth 40 metres.
  • Complete standard PADI paperwork and medical statement
  • Read PADI Deep Diver Speciality manual
  • Complete knowledge reviews
  • Certification as a PADI Deep Diver Speciality
  • With 5 specialties and the PADI Rescue Diver course you can apply to become a PADI Master Scuba Diver
  • PADI Advanced Open Water Diver or PADI Adventure Diver or equivalent
  • Minimum 15 years of age
  • £180 plus any boat fees if applicable
  • One or two days depending on the number of dives to complete.


If you would like to dive in the UK then this is a very important course as many of the wrecks we visit are in the 30-40 metre range and without the qualification we unfortunately can't take you diving.